Children’s Health – Fun Ways to Get Kids to Become More Active September 19, 2014

It is kind of difficult for me to envision a youth that does not need lots of time. There was not much on television, particularly since we did not have cable. I spent my time riding my bike, playing ball and catching fireflies. That does not happen much. We must work to get our kids to play.

Parks: Our suburban town has many parks. Some are more for gradually walking and some are for more active play. In the summer there are plans provided by the parks section which could help parents find interesting things to do in the active group.

Organized Sports: Schools as well as the parks section bad year round manners to be active. Our town has water polo, softball, basketball, football and soccer. The parks dept. has courses including judo and dancing. Many cities and bigger towns have similar plans.

Family Engagement: Unity cans raise and enable parents to find their kids grow in the sport or action of their choice. There were a few parents participating with their kids and they were really encouraging of each other when our daughter was in judo. When a parent can not participate being there supports the child to continue and do the best they can.

80% Rule: when reading some publications about company I learned this rule. It applies to parents along with business leaders. Our kids will do about 80% of that which we do correct. Their children will do 100% of that which we do wrong. Our kids will see no reason they should do thus, if we do not work at being active ourselves. Read also Cost of Hair Transplants and Everything Else You Need To Know